Two new species of Tipula (Vestiplex) from Southern China based on morphological and molecular data, with redescription of Tipula (Vestiplex) bicalcarata (Diptera, Tipulidae, Tipulinae)


Author:Qiu-Lei Men, Chen W. Young, Pavel Starkevich, Yong-Fu Yu, Xiao-Ping Lei

Abstract:Two new species of subgenus Tipula (Vestiplex) Bezzi, 1924, T. (V.) leigongshanensis Men & Young, sp. n. and T. (V.) maoershanensis Men & Young, sp. n. are described and illustrated. Tipula (Vestiplex) bicalcarata Savchenko, 1965 is redescribed and illustrated based on additional morphological characters. Partial mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) sequences of these three species are provided. Pairwise genetic distances among two new species and related species, T. (V.) bicalcarata, T. (V.) coxitalis Alexander, 1935, and T. (V.) sternotuberculata Alexander, 1935 range from 0.028 to 0.091 using Kimura-2-parameter model. Diagnostic features of the sperm pump for taxonomic use are discussed.

Keywords:China, COI, crane flies, Diptera, new species, sperm pump, Tipulidae, Vestiplex