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About NSII

NSII is one of 28 the National Science & Technology infrastructure which Ministry of Science and Technology recognized and funded. The online sharing infrastructure has been building since 2003 including digital information ofplant specimen, animal specimen, Fossil and rock specimen,Polar resources.NSII is good for sharing information resources,mining data deeply, improving the deep application of data quality and information technology tools, strengthening the application of the infrastructure in kinds of cases.Even more, NSII provides much favorable technical supports for big country plans such as the project about biological diversity protection and the implementation ofthe China biodiversity conservation strategy and action plan (2011-2030).The construction of NSII which has realized the share of specimen resources has not only become a certain stage of the field of signs to the modern science and technology, economic and social development, but also made specimen resources become an important basis for national resources and promote social progress.

Aims of the project

There have some important aims of NSII construction.
(1) Complete kinds of standards and technical regulations related to specimen resources making the collection, management and resource information about the specimen resources in our country to walk the last standard, unified and standardized track, creating the foundation for maximum utilization of resources;
(2) Test and improve the standards in the future practice to form national industry standards and norms, completely changing the face of chaos and confusion about specimen resources in China;
(3) Organize the parts of specimen resources according the standards and norms;
(4) Establish information system which is matched to all kinds of specimens, powerful,easy to use;
(5) Put the digital specimen information which has been organized according the standards to information system;
(6) Build up the sharing infrastructure of specimen resources to realize the sharing of some specimen and improve the utilization efficiency of the resources, providing a basic platform for the scientific research and social development;
(7) Form the management, maintenance and security system of the information sharing platform of the specimen;
(8) Training a group of professional personnel engaged in the field of information sharing and related fields.

Organization and management

The project uses the way of hierarchical management and special person responsible to run to gradually improve the organization and coordination mechanism in the process of project construction, ensuring the smooth progress of the work.
(1) Setting up a project working group Form a project team which includes the project manager and the responsible person of each sub-project team to co-ordinate the planning, and then complete the top-level design;
(2) Plan the sub-projects overall and sign the special task Depending on the project construction tasks and requirements of NSII, and combined with the member units of the collection, we plan the sub-projects and each topic overall and sign task book. Each special subject has clear division of labor, implemented task and responsibility system.
(3) Strengthen financial supervision Implement financial supervision and supervise the use of funds in accordance with relevant regulations of the state.
(4) Establish management system. Establish a series of management system with the development of projects, such as The data quality management about animal specimen.How to regulate and upload data.The regulations of data security management.Data backup and checking system. Regulations on the management of data called, The radiography procedure about animal specimen. Administrative measures about Botany herbarium network information input, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences.The rulesand other implementation of herbarium information system, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciencesetc. Which as the foundation and direction of the construction projects will be improved in the project construction process.

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